Apple won’t change your Face ID to work with face masks, why?

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With the arrival of the pandemic and the subsequent security measures that we must all take, some companies have adapted many of their safety systems to make them compatible with the widespread use of masks and, in those cases where it is more complicated, procedures have been modified so that the unlocking of the terminals is as fast as possible.

Something like this happened with Apple that, because of Face ID, a good number of its users took several seconds to unlock their terminals so they thought it would be a good idea to speed up the process in such a way that, when the smartphone detects that we are wearing a mask, it directly displays the keyboard on the screen numeric to enter the PIN code.

Apple Face ID. Manzana

But despite this greater speed when unlocking the iPhone, there have been many voices that have asked Apple to make an effort to allow Face ID to be able to recognize our face despite wearing the mask, even if it is on the one hand, the one that we reveal, such as the eyes and part of the nose. But do you know what the Cupertino people have answered?

“It’s hard to see what you can’t see”

That is, more or less, the summary of what Apple has answered to those who have asked it to include masks as part of facial recognition in these times of pandemic. Specifically, it has been the vice president of architecture of the Apple platform, Tim Millet, who has stated that “It is difficult to see something that you cannot see. The facial recognition models are really good, and it’s a tricky problem. Users want convenience, but they also want to be safe. And at Apple, it’s all about making sure your data stays safe. ”

And it is that despite the fact that with half a face there could be enough elements of recognition to perform a satisfactory scan, they believe that with the mask on, you lose “some of the characteristics that make your face unique, which in turn makes it easier to imagine that someone could unlock the phone. “What there is no doubt is that, according to the statements, the possibility of a Face ID that recognizes us with the mask on is possible. Another thing is that, as the Americans affirm, the possibility of someone impersonating us grows exponentially as the reference points of a facial scan are reduced practically half. What do you think?