Archer plans to launch air taxi network over Los Angeles by 2024

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In recent months we have often heard the term “flying cars” and the idea is becoming very popular in the aviation sector. Now, Archer Aviation has indicated that it plans to launch air taxis over Los Angeles by 2024. This anouncement which is part of an Urban Air Mobility project.

Archer’s project is based on developing electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. In addition to this, the aircraft will be able to transport passengers for 60 miles quickly and safely, “while producing minimal noise”, that is, they will not generate noise pollution. Therefore, it does not represent a major problem for the inhabitants of the city, and it becomes a sustainable way of flying. In this regard, the co-founder of Archer Brett Adcock has expressed:

“In identifying our first partnership with the city, it was critical to have a shared vision when it comes to how people will move more seamlessly and with less impact on the environment around them. Working with Urban Movement Labs will be invaluable as we collectively advance our programs ahead of our customers’ first flights in 2024 ”.

The city of Los Angeles could become a leader in urban air mobility

Archer's plane in flight

Although it is true that the idea is innovative, it can generate cons in the cities where it is implemented. In the case of Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti has been very receptive to the proposal. It even trusts in being able to turn the city into an “unmistakable leader in urban air mobility”.

To this end, the Urban Movement Labs project is being promoted, an initiative that will allow the construction of a network of physical locations known as “vertiports” so that people can use urban air mobility planes.

The alliance between Archer and the Urban Movement Labs program is expected to improve mobility and reduce congestion in this city. At the moment we can only wait to see this project materialize, which undoubtedly promises an incredible experience.

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