Are the shapes of old married couples “really” the same?

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It is a common belief that after a long period of marriage, the forms of husband and wife begin to resemble each other. (Photo: Internet)

Stanford: We often hear that after a long time of marriage, the forms of husband and wife begin to meet each other, as if they are real siblings.

A 1987 psychological study is also presented as scientific evidence in which the famous psychologist Robert Zahonk discovered that couples who have been married for 25 years or more, The shapes of husband and wife are really similar.

They thought that perhaps because they had been together for so long, the couple would subconsciously adopt each other’s habits, resulting in their facial expressions, and eventually their impressions.

However, this study was also unsatisfactory as it studied only 12 couples, using photographs taken at the time of their marriage and 25 years after the marriage.

Now, at Pinnacle McCormack, a PhD scholar from Thailand at Stanford University, and his colleagues have done the same research again and proved that nothing like this happens.

However, in a new study, they obtained photos of 517 married couples from online public databases that were taken immediately after their marriage, 20 to 69 years later.

He used the online services of 153 volunteers to analyze the similarities between the faces of the couple in the pictures, as well as using the modern algorithm “VGGFace2”, a human face recognition algorithm.

At the end of the study, it was found that not only the facial algorithm, but also the human beings, looking at all these pictures, showed that the faces of the couple were as different from each other at the time of marriage, even after a long time. Values ​​remain different.

In contrast, some volunteers looked at the pictures and suggested that over time, the couple’s shapes became different rather than similar.

In short, Pin Pin T and his research team have come to the conclusion that it is either our own fault and the fault of our spouses to look the same. There are close relatives.

This interesting research was published in the journal Open Access Research, Scientific Reports Latest issues I have published online.