Are you going to sell your iPhone to reserve an iPhone 12? This is what you can get for him

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New iPhone 12 case.

Each year Apple’s presentation keynotes of the new iPhones mark the moment when all the smartphones of those users who want to buy the new one without paying the full cost begin to reach the second-hand market. They sell the one they have from other generations and then complete by contributing 200, 300 or more euros. And since you already have the new iPhone 12 and 12 Pro available to reserve, it’s time to get the most out of yours.

First of all, to say that by doing this sale of your smartphone before the presentation of the iPhone 12, it would have allowed you to get something else for the old man. Some studies set that margin around 11%, which is not a small thing. when we talk about valuations in some models that reach 700, 800 or 900 euros. So let’s see what we can count on to do the math before reserving our new Apple smartphone.

How are the previous models sold?

Before starting to sell on a second-hand platform, it is good to know what we can ask for it. An amount that is realistic and not what we think our mobile is worth, especially if we take into account what it cost us in its day. The fact is that if we look for models from last year, The iPhone 11 is priced at around 600 euros for standard 64GB models. From there, the increase to 128 or 256 will depend on the state in which it is, the accessories that we attach and, very importantly, the presence or not of the packaging: a phone without its original box causes its value to fall severely, between 75 and 125 euros on average. If not more.

Are you going to sell your iPhone to reserve an iPhone 12?  This is what you can get for him

If you have an iPhone 11 Pro, prices increase to 750-800 euros on average for the 128GB models while the 11 Pro Max can be found, in its most basic 64GB configuration, for around 850-900 euros. From there, each gig that we add will allow us to ask for something more, but without going crazy because we enter price ranges where the buyer might be interested in getting one of the new iPhone 12 that go on sale next week.

If we look further back, In the iPhone XS of 2018, for example, we see how the price is significantly reduced, up to the range of 450-500 euros for the 64GB model, and around 600 for the XS Max model. If we go to 2017 and the iPhone X of that year, the price is already cut, for the 64GB device, to the range of 340-350 euros while the 256 model can be found for about 500 (although we have seen someone who throws the price for not offering an invoice). If you have an iPhone 8, from the same year, then that amount is reduced to 275-300 euros for the 64GB model, or 370-400 for the iPhone 8 Plus, also 64GB.