Armortruck shown on video, makes Tesla’s Cybertuck look like a toy car

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      Armortruck shown on video, makes Tesla's Cybertuck look like a toy car
Armortruck shown on video, makes Tesla’s Cybertuck look like a toy car

A few weeks ago we took a first look at the Armortruck, a real tank converted into an SUV, the work of designer Milen Ivanov. Now we have the opportunity to see the first video with the vehicle in motion.

The Armortruck is what the Tesla Cybertruck would like to be as a grown-up if cars could dream. A more muscular, versatile, and above all, stylized version. We have not yet become accustomed to those angular and simplistic forms of Cybertruck.

Armortruck is the work of the Bulgarian designer Milen Ivanov, which does not hide its inspiration based on futuristic video games like Halo or Call of duty, where this type of pickups battleships they are very common. Here we can see it for the first time on video, with a much more realistic and detailed appearance than in the photos we already knew.


It must be clear that this is a conceptual design, no one has assured that it will be manufactured. But since Milen Ivanov is doing it, he has spared no expense. Ensures that it would be made with steel, titanium, Kevlar and carbon fibre, some of the most resistant materials on Earth. Even the wheels would be able to withstand gunshots.

Milen Ivanov also explains that this domestic tank would incorporate a hybrid powertrain that would provide a combined power of 2,000 hp. Half, 1,000 hp, would be provided by the fuel engine, and many others by the electric one. Although it has not offered other important data, such as torque.

A vehicle of these characteristics cannot be a simple means of transport, so it would incorporate all kinds of futuristic gadgets and sensors: Thermal vision, regeneration system, air filter located on the roof, the possibility to control it remotely thanks to its two antennas, 360-degree camera system, and much more.

The Cybertruck may not have all of these things, and its design is much more spartan. But at least, it is a real vehicle that is going to be marketed. That has earned him …

If you want to see more videos and impressive photos and artistic designs of the Armortruck, you can around for Milen Ivanov’s Instagram account.