Australia Builds a Battery The Size Of A Football Field

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Imagine a battery the size of a football field capable of supplying clean power to half a million homes for an hour.

That’s what they are doing in Australia, building one of the largest batteries in the world using Tesla’s technology for lithium-ion batteries.

It will provide up to 300 megawatts of output power and 450 megawatt-hours to meet energy demands during increased energy use caused by record temperatures.

Its name will be Victorian Big Battery Megapack, since it will be in the state of Victoria, the second most populated region in Australia and dependent on coal plants. The state expects to get 50 percent of its energy from renewable sources by the end of this decade.

The project will be carried out together with the French company Neoen SA and Tesla, and they intend to overcome the summers they are having, much hotter and much longer than before.

The return is estimated to be $ 2 for every dollar invested in the project. The state will pay Neoem $ 84 million for the electricity grid, and will power the battery with its wind farms and solar installations.

The project is important as many countries will analyze the situation to see if it is profitable to have large-scale battery storage facilities.

The Victorian Big Battery Megapack plant is expected to open next summer, so we will be looking forward to the presentation.

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