Batman comes to Waze: you can now choose him as an avatar, select the Batmobile and even receive voice instructions

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Batman comes to Waze: you can now choose him as an avatar, select the Batmobile and even receive voice instructionsThe Waze car GPS app has received a ton of news regarding one of the key characters for DC Comics, Batman. You want choose it as an avatar or change your car icon to the Batmobile? It is already possible from the application.

Waze is one of those applications that causes ‘clashes’ between drivers. Because, are you from Waze or Google Maps? In a matter of data it does not matter much since Google bought Waze and both use the same information of routes and traffic, but there is no doubt that said Waze Maintains a casual style that expands the driving experience. And customize it, you have just reached the application the ability to choose Batman. Even in the voice instructions, even though the audios are only in Latin Spanish.

Drive the Batmobile in Waze and dress up your Batman avatar

Waze batman

As has happened on other occasions, such as when C-3PO arrived at Waze, with Batman the application lets you choose different ways to customize the appearance. Specifically, Waze allows select the driver avatar, the car icon on the map and also the audio instructions. There are two options for each of the settings: Batman or Enigma (Riddler). And there is no reason to select the same character for all three categories because they can be combined.

As soon as you open Waze, the application already shows the warning of the Batman options: by clicking on the menu it is possible to activate the customization (if it does not appear, you have to go to the settings, the cogwheel that appears in the search options ). Simply choose each of the aspects between Batman or Enigma, then the navigation will include the desired settings. Including the voice, although with a particularity: Batman and Enigma (Riddler) customization is only available in Latin Spanish. The voices included in Waze for ‘Spanish from Spain’ continue to be those of Penelope and Joanna.

Waze batman

Take the opportunity to customize your Waze with Batman for the duration of the promotion: as usually happens with this type of action, customization will last a limited time, then it will disappear. You already have it available in your Waze for Android.