Became a salesman in a dog car showroom in Brazil

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The dog won the hearts of customers with his excellent performance, Photo: Instagram

Brasilia: Hyundai, a Brazilian automaker, has hired a dog as a salesman.

According to the international news agency, a dog has been recruited as a salesman in a car showroom in Brazil, the dog has been trained in this regard and a regular employee card has also been made which hangs around the dog’s neck. The dog confidently greets customers and attends important meetings.

The dog’s name is Atxon Prime and can be seen welcoming customers to Hyundai showrooms. Earlier, the dog was given an honorary job but was promoted based on the dog’s performance. The dog soon befriended the showroom staff and customers were delighted.

Hyundai Brazil also shared photos of the dog in an Instagram post. This is not the first time a stray animal has been employed in Brazil. Last year, a cat took refuge in a company in a severe storm and rain, and then the same company hired the cat.

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