Belinda surprised Christian Nodal on his 22nd birthday in Japanese anime style

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Today, Monday, January 11, Christian Nodal is celebrating, as he is turning 22 years old, and who did not miss the date was his girlfriend Belinda, who celebrated it in a big way and very much in his style. The singer born in 1999 is a fan of Japanese animation series, so little by little he has been sharing with his beloved his love for so-called anime, as seen in the multiple stories that both celebrities share and where they have been seen together enjoying that type of content.
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In this regard, the singer of Light without gravity She took the opportunity to celebrate her boyfriend a day in advance by sending him to bake a couple of themed cakes to pamper him, since it is his turn to celebrate his birthday in the middle of a sad situation, then his mother Cristy Nodal announced in recent days that the family is in mourning after the loss of his Uncle Benny.

Faced with this unfortunate news, Belinda decided to “pamper” her boyfriend so he wouldn’t be sad with a couple of cakes he requested decorated with the characters of Death note and One piece, popular animated series of which the singer of Of the kisses that I gave you is a follower.

With green, black and white balloons, according to the color scheme of the series, Belinda entertained her boyfriend at the hands of a pastry shop that was in charge of decorating the table and making Nodal’s birthday a day to remember. And it is that the celebration of the 22 of Christian Nodal was in charge of the event designer Ana Cuéllar, who was also in charge of entertaining the couple’s different Christmas parties, which they were in charge of sharing on their social networks displaying the luxury and amenities they had.

Christian’s birthday celebration coincided with one more anniversary of the beginning of Belinda’s artistic career, who was surprised on social media by her fans that prompted the creation of “Belinda’s World Day”, a date on which fans remember the actress and singer and who intend to make a tradition in a row.

Proclaiming January 10 as the worldwide date of the celebration of the artist’s career that has remained in the forefront of the public eye since she debuted as just a child and over the years and numerous projects, the hashtag proclaiming the date became a trend causing the artist to be astonished and grateful, who did not hesitate to thank her entire army of “Belifans”.

The singer expressed that One Piece is one of her favorite anime (Photo: Instagram @sugarandsoul)

Thank you very much for all your messages, for all the love and support that you have given me over the years, remember that I always carry you in my mind and heart, I’m seeing all your messages, “wrote the singer of Love at first sight and protagonist of soap operas like Sidekicks to the rescue.

“Belifans! Thank you very much for this day, for always making it so special, for always being with me in everything I do and never leaving me alone. I also want to thank you for all the messages you sent me about Gizmo, you more than anyone know how united we were. I love them so much that I always carry them in my mind and heart. Always together “, thanked the singer writing the hashtag # DíaMundialDeBelinda, created by his followers who managed to do it trending topic and they continue to send multiple messages of condolences to their artist after, in recent days, she made known the death of Gizmo, the Chihuahua puppy that accompanied her for 13 years.


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