BioVYZR: this personal air mask is a complete protection with KN95 filters, anti-fog and reversible gloves

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In the fight against the coronavirus there are many options. One of them is the one proposed by VYZR Technologies, a company from Toronto, Canada, which presents the BioVYZR, a protective shield that acts as a personal respirator and filters the air that is inside. A strikingly designed diving suit that already sells for $ 379.

The BioVYZR promises protection in all directions, as it is a shield that surrounds our head and part of the torso. On the back, the system includes a purifying filter to eliminate pathogens, allergens and other particles that we breathe.

Filters, batteries and even reversible gloves to touch your face

One of the first questions one can ask about this type of device is whether the transparent shield will fog up. Those responsible explain that it incorporates a anti fogging system to maintain good visibility.

Among the characteristics with which it is promoted is the fact that it can be easily cleaned from the outside, as well as having two side windows so as not to obstruct visibility.

Vyzr Design

It has a tight neoprene vest and two side straps with buckles to adapt it to the body. In total it has a 2.25 kg weight, with battery included and sold in three sizes.

The BioVYZR includes a pack of ten KN95 filters to be placed on the back. The team uses custom filters, with a main disk for the air that enters with a diameter of 12 centimeters and a smaller one of 8 centimeters for the expelled air. Under normal conditions, they promise that these filters can be used for about 60 hours. Each pack of additional filters has a cost of 24 dollars, with an approximate duration of 25 days and 12 hours a day.

Biovyzr 1

Additionally it has two small fans that theoretically last up to 8 hours on a single charge, thanks to a 10,000 mAh battery that can be recharged via USB.

Touching your face is one of the actions to avoid to protect yourself from Covid-19, but this diving suit also takes it into account and adds reversible gloves, to be able to put the hand inside the shield.

Scratching vyzr

At the sound level, those responsible explain that exterior and interior noise is muffled by 25%.

After obtaining financing in a crowdfunding campaign, the BioVYZR will be back in stock in November 2020, with a limited offer price of $ 379.

Biovyzr Covid 19

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