Bird Buddy, the intelligent bird feeder that you will control with your mobile

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The proliferation in recent years of all kinds of devices capable of connecting to wireless networks, carrying cameras with a more than interesting quality and whose size is reducing over the years, has allowed practically any analog task of those that we have been doing for decades has been virtualized, digitized And, of course, acquired smart features. And bird feeders were not going to be an exception.

Bird Buddy, and his smart feeder.

Bird Buddy is an authentic wonder that bird lovers who want to obtain the best photographs of their own animals or, as they recommend in this case, will delight us. know what is the population of species that live around our house. And we are in front of a gadget that takes care of photography and identifies any bird that stops to eat its good portion of free food.

Resistant to water and everything else

Bird Buddy is a project that has just arrived on Kickstarter and in just 24 hours it has achieved its financial goals to move forward. Is about a smart house (resistant to rain) that incorporates a module with a camera that it has enough quality to hunt down any visitor who rests on it. From that moment and with the image obtained, the system will notify us that a bird has just arrived and we will be able to see it live via mobile.

The software itself is prepared to take a photo and, together with the sound emitted by the animal, identify its species. The mobile application will collect all that information and will save each new specimen as if it were a Pokémon GO that we collect within a page full of stickers that we can collect, and that are unlocking trophies, as if it were a video game. Obviously, our environment will determine the number of birds that can perch, although we may be surprised one day.

This Bird Buddy serves as a feeder that we can refill as visitors put on their boots and the camera also has a rechargeable battery that does not give too much autonomy data, if not none. It has Wi-Fi and bluetooth connection, and the app has a complete encyclopedia of species with characteristics and descriptions of each one of them. Of course, we can immortalize the moment by taking a beautiful photo that, like the man in the video, then we can hang on the walls of our house. If you are interested, you have this Bird Buddy available at a price of 129 euros with deliveries scheduled for September 2021.


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