BlackTea Moped: electric, vintage, adventurous and at an interesting price

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Among the amount of novelties and joys that this electric present in which we find ourselves is bringing us, and that personal and ambitious projects have many other ways of reaching the market thanks to crowdfunding, we are living a golden age in terms of innovations with a whole cohort of companies launching to manufacture the products more interesting.

BlackTea Electric Adventure Moped.

It is the case of BlackTea that, in the absence of platforms such as Indiegogo, surely it would have had problems to carry out a project like this, of an electric motorcycle that they have defined as Electric Adventure Moped, and that offers a whole series of incentives for all bikers who want to experiment with a vintage design typical of the 70s of the last century, but updated with all the power of an electric motor.

Insane power at a price, laughing?

This whole project is born from a purpose that was established by the founder of BlackTea, Viktor Sommer, which seems to be that while studying at the University of Munich dreamed of designing an affordable electric motorcycle that had significantly more power than a scooter and that it allowed its owner to circulate both on the road and in the country. The truth is that on paper it did not seem easy, but seen what they have seen, they have done the same.

BlackTea Electric Adventure Moped.

This BlackTea Moped has a maximum performance of its engine of 5 kW, which allows it to reach a maximum speed of 80 km / h. And it comes very well equipped with those shapes that take us back to our Montesas Cota 75 from the 70s, where a front with a circular headlight and protective grille, rearview mirror and position lights both in the front and rear stands out.

BlackTea Electric Adventure Moped.

Of course, being an electric motorcycle It has a battery that, in this case, is removable and has a capacity of 1.8 kWh. that provide a range of 70 kilometers. The great advantage of the recharging system that it has is that we can acquire more batteries to carry them and, if necessary, continue the journey without problems for another 70 kilometers to reach our destination, or a refueling point. Of course, keep in mind that each of these batteries will take about five hours to fill (in standard 220V plugs), so we had better do it when we get home, to the office or to the second residence in the mountains or the beach.

The entire part of the electric motor is protected to avoid the bumps of making the goat in the field, with a structure as effective as austere and vintage. You have it available to book through the crowdfunding platform at a price of 2,299 euros, with a delivery date scheduled for April 2021. Once this launch phase is over, the price of the BlackTea Moped will rise to 4,200 euros.