Brig Note, add notes and timestamps on your recordings

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2021 04 11 12 11 54.jpg

There is no doubt that mobile devices are much more than communication devices right now. It is something that becomes clear if we review the ways in which they can help us on a daily basis. For example, thousands of people often record lectures, interviews and even themselves, while expressing an idea or practicing a speech. In that sense, we want to present you with a way to add notes to those recordings to facilitate the review process.

To achieve this, we will take advantage of the functions of an app called Brig Note that can help us add notes to recordings.

Add notes to make it easier to review recordings

All mobiles nowadays are capable of making sound recordings. In that sense, imagine that you are recording an hour-long meeting or class, which you will have to review later. This review process is practically like going back to the meeting or class, which means that if we want to find a specific point on the topic, we will have to listen to everything until we get what we want. Without a doubt, this would be much easier if we could add notes to the recordings to know what they are talking about at a certain moment.

This is exactly what Brig Note does and why it is such a useful application. Through its functions, you will be able to make recordings and add notes and timestamps to them as the recording is made. In this way, the markers will indicate the subject that is covered at a certain moment, avoiding having to listen to all the audio.

The experience of using Brig Note is quite friendly and above all, fast. In that sense, when you open the application, you will be in a position to write something or start recording. In this way, you will save a lot of time in the process of reviewing the recordings, by having notes that mark an index to get to the point we want.

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