Buying an electric truck on Alibaba is possible, discover how is this economic Pickup

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Alibaba It is one of those places where you can find things of all kinds at an affordable price. Now some media have echoed a electric van sold on this Chinese website at an overwhelming price. We will tell you.

A truck Pickman lifetime, but in electric format and at an economical price

Alibaba Electric Pickup Alibaba

It is basically a Pickman-type mini-van with 30-centimeter wheels, a narrow cabin for two people and a payload capacity of 500 kg with a box or bed for the load of 1.6 meters long. It’s a small but powerful electric pickup designed for utility and off-road use, although it may even be street legal like a NEV in the US.

But while it may seem small, this is a fully functional truck. Not only does the bed have a tailgate, the sides also fold flat to transform into a flat bed. The cabin has all the basic automotive accessories expected of it: such as a radio, air vents (air conditioning costs extra), windshield wipers, adjustable seats, manual locks / windows, and three-point seat belts for added safety. It also has a more than decent autonomy of 120 km through its 72V 7.2 kWh battery pack.

The web portal specialized in everything related to the electrical world, Electrek contacted the company that has the vehicle for sale on Alibaba. They passed them a detailed spec sheet.

Before you think of these is like an electric car to use, you should know that it’s more like a golf cart or light quad bike, since it only has a maximum speed of 40 km / h, so it is not a car to drive on high-speed roads.

This could perfectly be a much cheaper way to get a Pickman electric truck (light quadricycles). Like those sold here in Spain but that usually have a price that starts at 10,000 euros for the base model and being gasoline.

Price and availability

Finally, if we go into more detail on how to buy it and what is its price, it must be said that its more basic version costs $ 3,950, while the top model with a four-seat cabin and upgrades including power steering, power locks / windows and child safety lock goes up to $ 4,880. To all this must be added various expenses such as packaging, shipping and other legal procedures such as approval and registration.

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