Calipio, a website to record your screen safely and for free

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2021 02 07 11 44 54.jpg

Making videos with what our screen shows is an open possibility for all users at this time. Content creators especially take advantage of this option, allowing them to show what they do to create tutorials, game guides and more. Therefore, we want to present you an option that will allow you to record your screen for free and with the best security.

Its name is Calipio and it is a website where you can create videos of your screen without having to go through registration processes.

How to record the screen for free and from the browser? Calipio!

Right now there are tons of screen recorders available, portable, installable, desktop, and online. As we mentioned earlier, screen recording has become a possibility available to everyone. However, the programs that are oriented to this activity usually deserve many resources and therefore, the experience is not good in all the teams. In that sense, having an online alternative is a very good solution and Calipio is available to record your screen for free and easy.

This online tool not only offers to record your screen, but is also protected with end-to-end encryption. This gives us the confidence that we will not have problems related to privacy or security.

To start recording your screen for free with Calipio you will only have to access the website, scroll down and click on the “Start Recording” button. This will take you to a screen where you can define the screen to record and also if you want to record your webcam and capture audio. When you have set everything up, click on “Record” and the recording will begin.

It should be noted that this option allows you to record videos of up to 20 minutes. At the end, you can download it to edit or publish it wherever you want. So you can record your screen in the simplest, safest and most important way, free.

To prove it, follow this link.