CamScanner, scan and store your files in the cloud from Android

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Among the many functions that smartphones have been given, one of the best is to digitize. Considering that, previously we used equipment with quite large hardware for these tasks, it is very interesting to be able to do it now from the smartphone. Therefore, we will present you an application that will allow you to digitize files on Android in a matter of seconds.

Its name is CamScanner and from its interface you can digitize files and store them directly in the cloud.

An app to digitize files on Android

The cameras that are incorporated into smartphones every day are more powerful. Taking into account that it is through them that digitization is carried out, the quality of the results increases with each new smartphone. Scanning on Android is not just taking a photo of what we want to scan. On the contrary, the applications that are used process the image in order to make it much more user-friendly to the eye.

But in the case of CamScanner we can get much more. Best of all, the app is completely free and easy to use. To obtain it, you just have to follow the link at the end of this article.

When you run the application, you will receive the empty gallery and at the bottom left, the icon of a camera. Tapping this option will display the camera to begin the scanning process. It focuses on the subject, takes the photo and then proceeds to cut the excesses of the image, although it also has automatic cropping.

Immediately, you will be able to apply the different filters that CamScanner incorporates to make the document more readable.

Finally, you can also store the file in the CamScanner cloud. This is an excellent option due to the possibility of accessing our data from any computer. Additionally, it has OCR technology that will allow you to make the scanned text selectable. So, we are talking about a very complete app to digitize files on Android. If you need to be ready at any time to scan any document, don’t hesitate to have it on your smartphone.

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