Cancer cure? According to doctors, it exists and lies in making the gold grow inside it

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Cancer cure?  According to doctors, it exists and lies in making the gold grow inside it

A group of researchers has discovered a way to synthesize tiny gold nanoparticles inside tumor cells, this favors X-ray imaging but can even destroy them.

In the past, gold, reduced into nanoparticles, has already been used to combat cancer growth but its use was “thrifty“, as there was not enough evidence. Currently, however, new techniques for its use have been introduced and allow, as already said, the synthesis of lowercase gold particles directly inside the cancerous cells.

This is a very promising approach to the application of the administration of anticancer drugs“said Dipanjan Pan, the study’s co-author and professor of the Maryland University, in Baltimore County. The test took place on laboratory mice, the red metal nanoparticles were dissolved in a solution of polyethylene glycol, creating ionic gold, that is, gold salts. Subsequently, the liquid was inserted into the cancer cells and the particles began to generate inside.

The mouse tumor was literally annihilated by simply heating the gold particles with a laser, this process is called “photothermal repair“and allowed the gold inside to explode.”The most challenging research facing us is to find new methods to produce these particles with uncompromising reproducibility. – Pan said – evaluating how gold nanoparticles will affect human health in the long term.

Tests are still ongoing but, along with other discoveries, the solution to one of the worst problems in human life may be closer than it might seem.

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