Can’t find the Reels button on Instagram? Soon you will have it closer

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About two months ago the rumor began that Donald Trump, President of the United States, was going to veto TikTok in North American territory, so some companies decided to take positions in the foreseeable void that this absence would leave in the market. And Facebook, which does not miss one, decided that instead of developing a new app, it was going to use the success of Instagram to create a tiktokera section.

Said and done. In a few days, Reels appeared on the horizon, a function that was inserted into the social network of photographs cAs one more option when creating video content. A direct access to that new section that seemed crazy to many (because it was hidden) because it took away any usefulness, if what Mark Zuckerberg’s really wanted is for TikTok users to move all at once and change one app for another.

Update imminent

So these weeks in operation, in the hands of users, should have served so that those responsible for the usability of Instagram have realized the huge mistake they made, and that is why they have decided to update the app so that Reels has its own direct access from the home of the application.

Bottom bar without access to Reels (i) and new menu (d).

As you can see just above, on the left you have the current home screen configuration, with a lower bar in which Reels does not appear. On the right, you can see how it arrives a new icon (second from the left) that replaces the search icon, so that users can play on it and directly access to record one of those musical microvideos. The sacrificed function, search, is not so much either because it is placed in a more logical position, at the top right, a place that is usually the usual when we talk about UX conventions that we all have accepted.

Remember that On September 15, the term of the executive order signed by Donald Trump ends So if TikTok does not find a buyer with North American capital at this time, quite possibly the more than 80 million users it has in that country will have to migrate to other alternatives. And Reels is one of them but, for things like today, it is clear that it will not be the one that triumphs because it is the best, but because it is the least bad.

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