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Passengers were reportedly gagging at the smell as two carriages had to be cleared following an incident on board a Dublin to Sligo train.

Commuters on the 17.10 from Connolly faced hell on Friday evening after a poor elderly man had an accident onboard.

The route was also delayed for 30 minutes in Mullingar while staff tried to sort the sensitive issue out.

Crammed passengers were then left even more cramped as they were put into the remaining six carriages where there were complaints that a smell had followed via people’s shoes.

Irish Rail has been criticised for their handling of the situation as there was no member of staff immediately available to try and help.

Customers also said they received no communication as to what was happening.

One said: “A lot of passengers don’t know what’s going on. It might be worth using the intercom system on the train to let people know”

Spokesperson for Irish Rail Barry Kenny confirmed the incident and added that they appreciate it was “very difficult for those onboard”.

He said: “Unfortunately an elderly customer had a medical incident while the train was en route  – we have transferred customers from two carriages into remaining six and locked off the two carriages .

“Appreciate a very difficult situation for those onboard.”