Cases of the corona virus have resurfaced in Wuhan

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BEIJING: Several cases of the coronavirus have resurfaced in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

According to the British News Agency, five new cases of the virus have been confirmed on Monday after the case came to light on April 3 in Wuhan. Authorities say the epidemic has hit a residential compound. China has begun easing lockdowns following a drop in the number of victims.

Health officials say there has been a risk of the virus spreading in the event of an increase in free public movement following the easing of the severe lockdown. Experts say new cases are emerging in some regions of Wuhan after the April 8 lockdown eased. The first case came a month later on Monday. The victim is 89 years old.

The new cases in Wuhan did not show symptoms, but such infected people could transmit the disease to others. According to the news agency, China, in its certified number of cases, includes only those affected people who have shown symptoms.

It should be noted that the lockdown in the Chinese city of Wuhan was ended after 76 days and people were allowed to move to other cities. It started in Wuhan and has turned into a global epidemic today.

Martial law enforced in Sholan

On the other hand, 11 new cases have been confirmed in Shulan city of Jilin province of China near the border of Russia and North Korea. After which martial law has been enforced for lockdown in the town, and the situation of the city regarding the epidemic has been given the status of extremely dangerous. The virus was transmitted locally in 11 confirmed cases in Sholan. Also, a state of emergency has been declared in the provinces adjacent to Jillian.