Center Cam, the perfect ‘webcam’ to look into the eyes in all video conferences

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Brian Adam
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Almost a year ago, the coronavirus pandemic began and, with it, many routines that we all had acquired changed. One of them, to get together in person whenever we could, with friends, family and co-workers. So as a substitute for that social skill that we all have, videoconferencing proliferated, those video calls where each of the interlocutors is looking at a different place.

Center Cam, placed on the screen.

You do not have to remember how important it is that the looks connect. There is a bond and the conversation is much more pleasant and relaxedEspecially when there are viewers on Twitch or YouTube, since they get the feeling that we are addressing them. But unfortunately, the location of these webcams in the frames of laptops, tablets and mobiles does not help. Although there is an entrepreneur in the US who believes he has found the solution.

Always look into my eyes

Center Cam is the result of that problem that occurs with gaze deviation, which is caused by that instinct that leads us to place our eyes on the other person. The problem is that where we look, the sensor of our webcam is not present and hence this divergence. With this ingenuity that will not happen again because the camera will be able to place it exactly at the exact point where the gaze of our interlocutor is.

Center Cam takes up very little screen space.

The idea is so simple that it scares but, as you can see from the images and videos, the integrity of the monitor is never compromised and we get that, when we look at our interlocutor, we also do it at the center of the webcam’s objective. Connecting immediately. At least on our part, because to get the same feeling, the other person should also use one of these Center Cams.

This device, which you have available on Indiegogo (although it has completed its economic objectives), It has FullHD resolution, that is, 1,920×1,080 pixels, 30 frames per second, supports Windows computers (XP, 7, 8 and 10), Android and Mac, USB 2.0 interface in the case of PCs and USB-C in the case of Macs, automatic white balance and a total of 30 centimeters of flexible arm to place in front of the display. If you are interested, you can reserve one right now, with a delivery date scheduled for this month of April, at a price of 98 euros.


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