Challenges in managing human talent after COVID-19

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How to act business-wise after you return to normal.

By Amanda Arias Hernández, Specialist in Human Talent Management

In a gradual and highly controlled manner, after COVID-19, normality will reappear. But it will not be the same normality, undoubtedly new social, economic, commercial, business scenarios will emerge … Many businesses will have the challenge of rethinking their productive activities, offering new and different tangible and intangible goods, incorporating technology more and more in their lines. distribution and delivery.

The previous panorama leads us to analyze that once again, the formula to survive includes adjusting to the current situation. It is then when the entrepreneurs consider the following: How to integrate said the corporate adjustment to the management of the collaborators, to guarantee efficiency and productivity in the process?

The previous question admits various answers, but in general terms, the following recommendations related to the area of ​​Human Talent are mentioned:

1. Review the positions: it is important to determine what are the necessary changes in the positions that the organization will consider. These changes will obey the new objectives created for the company. It is likely that, in order to remain competitive, the company partially or completely redefines its product and/or service, therefore, the positions will require a thorough review in terms of their description and analysis.

2. Determine the attraction of talent:  the previous point will be the basis for deciding whether the company requires hiring for newly created positions or to replace a collaborator whose profile does not conform to the new provisions. The challenge lies in making the attraction and selection process effective, allowing people to be incorporated in an agile but safe manner. One way to achieve this is through the Assessment Center, encompassing exercises and projects carried out in person or virtually, to identify skills, personality traits and suitability for the vacancy.

3. Redesign the work areas:  until you have a vaccine against COVID-19, it will be involved in daily life. The role of the company is to offer its different groups of interest physical spaces equipped with high hygiene and protection measures. The new standard proposes allocating more separate desks, with naturally ventilated areas and a limited number of people, doing some work from home, as a tool to reduce entry to the facilities.

4. Continue with the teleworking modality:  teleworking has had a great role in guaranteeing an optimal level in the operation of public and private institutions. It has become a great benefit and facility for all involved. The company can evaluate the results obtained and, if they have been positive, continue with the option of continuing to produce from home. The recommendation is that the person works from home two or three days a week, not every day; This to continue reinforcing social interactions and ensuring a good organizational climate and culture.

5. Exercise constant communication: when the waters resume their flow, one of the first activities to be carried out with the collaborators is to hold a meeting to communicate the new objectives, clarify doubts and listen to suggestions. Each leadership must take care of its team, ensuring that everyone understands what their functions are and the importance that lies in them. Providing this monitoring will be a great tool to identify worried, annoying, insecure workers, etc., to immediately offer them the required support and peace of mind.

6. Define performance indicators:  the practice of exercising zero controls in macro business operations, as well as micromanagement, can have terrible consequences and even lead to incidental closure of companies. It is not a police task, where the collaborator is asked every hour what he is doing or, the computer is monitored to supervise if he works. That demoralizes anyone and fosters a culture of fear. KPIs are vital in defining specific goals and estimating progress. In addition, it provides transparency to performance evaluation.

Along the way it is very likely that mistakes will be made and adjustments will be required. This situation represents one of the biggest challenges to face and taking that premise into consideration, is that this article aims to be a simple guide to action, without leaving aside the essence and uniqueness of each company.