Change on YouTube: show ads on your videos without paying you

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YouTube has changed the Terms of Use of the service this week and has incorporated a new standard that can be very annoying to people who upload content to the video platform owned by Google.

The changes take effect today in the United States and will affect all YouTube users in the first half of 2021

Until now, YouTube could only include advertising in those videos created by users who are part of the YouTube Partner Program, a select “club” that can only be accessed by users who meet the following requirements: they have more than 1,000 subscribers in their channel and that they credit more than 4,000 hours of reproduction of their videos in the last 12 months.

By meeting these requirements, YouTube could start showing ads on its channel content and, as a result, share a percentage of the revenue generated by those ad formats with the video authors.

However, the change that YouTube has introduced this week in its rules of use indicates that, from now on, YouTube can also show advertising on the contents of those users that are not part of the Partner Program. That is, if you do not meet the conditions to obtain money with your YouTube videos or, simply, decide not to monetize your videos because you do not want to obtain income including advertising in them, the company will not care and will show ads on they. Of course, you will not get a penny for it.

This is stated in the new terms of use: “Starting today, we will gradually start showing ads on a limited number of videos from channels that are not part of the Partner Program. This means that as a creator who is not in the Partner Program, you may see ads in some of your videos. As you are not part of the Partner Program, you will not receive a percentage of the income from those ads, although you will always have the opportunity to apply to be part of the Program if you meet the requirements «.

At the moment the update of the rules of use of YouTube enters into force today in the United StatesAlthough the company has already ensured that it will gradually apply it to the rest of the countries until the change is completed and that the new conditions affect all users by mid-2021.

It is not known how many videos the new measure will affect, or how much advertising YouTube will begin to show on channels that are not part of the Partner Program, but it is certainly a movement that will annoy those who voluntarily they didn’t want ads to show in your videos. Many companies and famous people choose this option even though they do not monetize the videos they upload to YouTube.


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