‘Chemo playing flies by’, the documentary that explores the role of video games in the recovery of children with cancer

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The Juegaterapia Foundation has just presented the documentary ‘The chemo playing flies by‘. In this documentary, the foundation exposes the results of a “pioneering scientific study” carried out at the Hospital La Paz in Madrid that “confirms that playing video games during chemotherapy treatment, makes children feel less pain and that the healing process is favored “.

As stated by the Juegaterapia Foundation, the research compares the influence of the use of video consoles on children’s pain, the required doses of morphine and the level of activation of the sympathetic / parasympathetic system “with state-of-the-art monitoring devices”. In the documentary you can see testimonies from both the children and their families as well as the medical team of the hospital and the foundation, all narrated by Alejandro Sanz. The documentary can be seen from now on Amazon Prime Video and Filmin.

“Include videogames in health therapy protocols”

According to the Juegaterapia Foundation, this is the first time that the beneficial effect of the use of video games in the management of acute pain is measured, some effects that had already been verified from the psychological point of view. According to the results of the study (PDF), the consumption of morphine was reduced by 20% while playing the game console, the parasympathetic tone (which favors healing) was increased by 14% and 14% less pain was recorded in pediatric patients cancer with post-chemotherapy mucositis, one of the most painful consequences of treatment.

During the documentary, about 20 minutes long, you will be able to listen to the real testimonials of the children Estephany, Dani, Mario, Carlos, Marcos, Aaron, David, Héctor, Alejandro and Manuel, who relate first-hand what cancer has meant to them and how video games have helped them overcome it. Their families, the La Paz medical team, Dr. Franciso Reinoso-Barbero, head of the Pain Unit of the La Paz Children’s Hospital in Madrid and Dr. Mario Alonso Puig, Patron of Honor of the Juegaterapia Foundation also participate.

The chemo playing flies by

The documentary is part of a dissemination campaign with which the foundation wants to “reach hospital medical directions to include videogames in health therapy protocols“. According to Reinoso-Barbero,” the clinical implications of these findings would be important, because video games could be included as part of the non-pharmacological treatment plan for pediatric oncological mucositis. “

To carry out the study, the Juegaterapia Foundation has had the support of SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain), which has provided consoles, video games and resources. However, the foundation has made a call for the donation of consoles “Now, after Christmas, at which time the old ones are replaced by the new ones that have come home as gifts this holiday season.”

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