Cloud over Washington but a lease of hope for Democrats in Georgia

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Brian Adam
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The raid on the Capitol will live on in the memory of the people as a dark day in the history of the United States of America, but the outcome of this week’s election in Georgia will have a profound impact on life in the short term.

The result of both Senate elections in Georgia State was a heart lift for Democratic supporters this week. And desperately in need of courage after what we saw on the streets of Washington on Wednesday?

The raid by Donald Trump supporters on the Capitol will live on in the memory of the people as a dark day in the history of the United States of America, but the outcome of this week ‘s election will have a profound impact on life in the short term.

These results in Georgia leave Democrats in control of every part of the U.S. government structure – the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate. This is the first time since the 1990s that the House of Representatives and the Senate have been held by the same party which enables them to carry out their agenda.

Democrats will have that power at least until the next midterm election in two years. That also means having a Democratic President in the White House with an opportunity to advance his policies easily and without too much opposition. Of course, in the case of Joe Biden he will have some difficulties within his own party and pressure on him to carry out more radical policies (according to the US definition of that word, whatever the case may be).

That is not to say that Trump and his policies will not influence politics in the United States for long. As a result of the big vote he received in the November election, both Republicans and Democrats have to keep an eye on his supporters and try to calm them down. The fear did not allow some of the Republicans in Congress and the Senate to reverse this week Trump’s demand that they oppose the election result and challenge Biden. In fact, some Republicans were demanding that the outcome of the presidential election be canceled when the riot broke out. Many of them later changed their minds.

What we saw on Capitol Hill yesterday was short of scenes from countries where democracy is just the beginning.

But it was also a historic week in U.S. politics in other ways. Two Democrats elected in the state of Georgia, one of the most republican states of the Republic in the past. The first ever black man elected in the State. The result gives an insight into changes in the composition of the community then but above all, perhaps, the events of the week in Georgia gave us an insight into the damage that Donald Trump has done over the past two months to his original. The phone call he made to the Georgia Secretary of State in pursuit of 11,780 votes was the attempt to kill the pig.

The Trump fan riot destroyed the dream of US democracy. During the riot itself Trump called his supporters patriots. Many others called them terrorists.

Don’t get us wrong – the Senate is 50/50 divided in the United States. Neither party has a majority. Democrats now only have the opportunity with the help of a number of Senators, such as Mitt Romney and Joe Manchin to carry out reforms. One example of this is the relief package for those struggling with poverty as a result of the Covid-19 disaster. There will be less pressure now from those who want to abolish Obamacare.

Joe Biden will now benefit from his many years in the Senate. He has a reputation for being adept at arbitration and compromise and should see much progress rather than the perpetual stalemate.

The big question that remains to be answered – will Trump remain active in politics inciting millions of supporters? And how will the Republican party be able to maintain the support of those crowds without staying too loyal to Trump’s philosophy?

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