Clubhouse now allows you to pay and earn money

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Clubhouse, the audio chat room app that attracted all eyes during the first months of the year, continues to develop new features despite not having been officially launched yet and not even having an Android app.

Clubhouse launches its first monetization tool and allows creators to get money

According to its creators, it will still take “a couple of months” to arrive, but given the push by other audio room applications that are beginning to emerge, such as Twitter Spaces, or that are preparing other social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn, among others, Clubhouse needs to keep moving forward so as not to be left behind.

In this sense, the app takes the lead in terms of launch of its first monetization tools. Clubhouse had already signaled that it was working on them and now launches the first feature that allows room creators and room participants to be recommended for the knowledge they share.

Clubhouse has just launched “Clubhouse Payments”, which is a simple tool that allows send payments through the social network. As simple as adding credit card details and being able to send a payment to the desired user, without having to leave the application to do it through PayPal, Bizum or any other alternative system.

Clubhouse money transfer

Clubhouse Payments is also launched in a trial period and among a small group of users, although the company has indicated that it will carry out new waves of implementation of the tool among more users and that “soon” -without specifying when- it will be available for everybody. Of course, Clubhouse assures that this is only the first of more monetization tools that they are preparing.

How to send payments through Clubhouse

The operation of the new tool is very simple. To send a payment through Clubhouse, all you have to do is click on the creator’s profile and press the “Send Money” button. Of course, for this button to appear, the creator has had to enable this function in the configuration options of his profile (if the tool is already activated, of course).

Once the button is pressed, you just have to indicate how much money you want to send. If this is the first time you are sending money, you will have to register your credit or debit card details.

All payment is made through Stripe, the payment platform, and as Clubhouse has pointed out, 100% of the money sent goes to the creator. Clubhouse does not make any profit, but the person sending the money will have to pay a small percentage of commission for using Stripe’s services.


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