Complaint about advertising on Insta? Facebook joins Advertising Code

npe team will create apps
npe team will create apps

Facebook will adhere as much as possible to the statements of the Advertising Code Committee. It tests whether advertisements comply with the Advertising Code, the rules applied by the Dutch media industry itself.

Facebook has its own advertising policy for its services, but the Dutch Advertising Code will officially supplement this with advertisements in our country. The Advertising Code Foundation (SRC) announced  today  that an agreement has recently been concluded with Facebook. The social network will “officially endorse the principles and objectives of the (SRC)”.

Not misleading

According to the Advertising Code, complaints may not be misleading and not contrary to the truth. Nor should advertising unnecessarily hurt or contradict “good taste and decency”. The Advertising Code Committee can make a decision on a complaint.

According to the Media Act, all media institutions active in the Netherlands must join the SRC. Facebook was already a member through a trade association but is now actively supporting and will make an extra financial contribution. This is less than 5 percent of the foundation’s total budget. “We have to maintain our independence, but the symbolic value of Facebook’s contribution is great,” said Otto van der Horst, director of the SRC.

650 judgments in 2020

The fact that Facebook cooperates is important because advertising spend is increasingly shifting from traditional media, such as TV and radio, to the internet and social media.

The SRC will soon publish an annual report for 2020. The foundation received more than 4000 reports and complaints about advertisements last year. The Advertising Code Committee has ruled in about 650 cases.