Convert your wifi key into a QR code for easier sharing

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Wi-Fi keys have become authentic tour de force full of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters that make them impossible to remember. So we have to walk with photos or notes on WhatsApp in case we need it at any time. The problem is that writing it is a real horror so it never hurts to have a faster, more visual and simpler way to do the same.

And for that, QR codes were invented, which are an almost instantaneous way of accessing information using only the camera of our mobile. And the wifi passwords weren’t going to be any different, so there are services, applications and web pages that carry out this operation to create an image file that we can later send through a WhatsApp chat … or whatever we want.

Let’s go to a web page

The service we are talking about it is free, it can be accessed through a website and it has the advantage that you can access it from multiple devices, including your smartphones with iOS and Android. In this way, you will not have to go downloading third-party apps that, in many cases, collapse advertising everything we do on our terminal. In addition, this site will offer you reliable alternatives in case you do not want to enter the browser every time you want to convert access to a wireless network into a QR code.

Create a QR code of your wifi password.

As you can see from the capture that you have just above, The web will ask you for four elementary data, of which three are printed on the bottom sticker of your router. On the one hand, the SSID of the wifi, that is, the name by which you are going to recognize it, then the type of encryption, which must be adjusted to the one you have active and, finally and essential, the password, as well as a box in case the network is hidden. With all those fields complete, it only remains to touch “Generate”.

The QR code will appear just below that, from there, you can copy and paste into a chat or application for which you are going to share it. In addition, the web allows you to export it to a file that you can later download or print, which is very useful for those occasions when you have guests at home and you want to facilitate the connection process to your router. This QR can be stored on your smartphone, in a safe area, and display it on screen for other people to scan with their phone cameras. As simple as that.