Cre8, a photo editor for iOS with support for working with layers

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Editing a photo from the mobile is far from the experience we have when doing it from the computer. However, the smartphone as a support tool must always be prepared to meet some needs and editing images does not escape this. There are many applications oriented to image editing, but today, we will present you a photo editor for iOS that is characterized by being very complete and powerful.

Its name is Cre8 and through a very friendly interface it will allow you to make the best edits to your images in the shortest time.

A powerful and free iOS photo editor

Cre8 screenshots

Most of the photo editor alternatives on the market are very similar. In that sense, almost all of them incorporate functions to apply filters in one touch, add stickers and in general, options very oriented to photomontage and basic retouching. The case of Cre8 is a bit because it does not incorporate filters or too many effects, but it offers all the controls to make the modifications you want.

So, it is possible to apply the effects we want, but to obtain them, we will have to work manually, manipulating each control. While this takes a little more time, it helps us get completely original results.

Another excellent feature of Cre8, which sets it apart from most of the alternatives available, is the layering. The layer support of this photo editor for iOS allows us to work on more complex images that involve many more elements. Additionally, the app has drawing functions and canvases in different dimensions oriented to social networks.

Cre8 is an app for iOS that stands out because it tries to work like professional applications. In that sense, although you will not find options to obtain results in one touch, you can work them by yourself and generate them perfectly.

To get the app, follow this link.


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