Create multiple desktops in Windows 10 to work more comfortably

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There is nothing more comfortable to work with a computer than have a couple of monitors connected, since they allow us to use two important applications at the same time without mixing to avoid having to move windows, closing or minimizing others that bother us. But of course, it turns out that we do not have two screens so we have to find a way to do the same in a more creative way.

Microsoft introduced some time ago the option of creating different desktops, which is a way of organizing work by types of tasks: office automation with Word on one side, browsers on the other and design tools on a third. Thus, we can come and go for each of the desks without fear of the windows mixing Or, worse yet, we end up accidentally closing others that are important.

Create as many desks as you need

The fact is that Windows 10 keeps this function intact and, although it is unknown to many users, you will surely find it an enormous utility. To create a new desktop you only have to press the “Windows + Tab” keys to access a screen where you will see the open applications and, above all, the active desktops.

Add new desktop.

To the right of them will appear a function that is “New desktop” with a “+” sign that tells us where to press. When doing so, that new space will appear, empty, and with the same background that we have defined by default for Windows 10. In this way, we already have the space created so it only remains to fill it with the apps that we want to separate from the others. If you want to save time, you can quickly create it with the shortcut “Windows + Ctrl. + D”.

Move applications to desktops.

In our case we have decided to create three desks. One for browsing Windows 10 files and folders in which to move, copy or delete files; the second for Photoshop and Word; and the last one for Chrome, because of the fact that some windows do not mix and end on top of each other. So we take the browser window that we have open and move it by dragging from his position to that of desk number three.

When we have all the windows of the apps in place, all we have to do is go out and start working without fear of mixing elements. Of course, to access these desks, you must enter this screen again by clicking on “Windows + Tab” and clicking on the space in which you want to act, at the top of everything. Or easier, pressing “Windows + Ctrl. + Left” to go to the previous one and “Windows + Ctrl. + Right” to the next one.