Creative BT-W3 brings quality bluetooth sound to consoles and computers

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Wireless audio is really taking over and it is less and less common to tie the distance left by the cables of those old headphones that we carry with the mobile. That's why on many devices that old 3.5mm minijack connector. are deprecated. But even in those cases that the computer or the console allow to pair devices by bluetooth, an accessory like this BT-W3 from Creative comes to us that it is not even painted.

Creative wireless audio on computers.

It is certain that both on your computer and on your PS4, you have experimented with wireless headsets to play or listen to music And you have always wondered if there was no better way to get the sound out with a little more quality. After all, the codec that is used is decisive to receive a better or worse signal from the source.

Up to four different

It is precisely at this point where the Creative bluetooth key, the BT-W3 stands out, because it not only allows us to pair our helmets with it but it does it in a way that no computer or console is capable of. And is that its great virtue resides in the audio codecs that it incorporates and that we can select simply by pressing the button on the device.

Creative BT-W3.

With each press we make it will be possible to alternate the type of audio codec that we prefer and in case our helmets do not bring a microphone, we can add one with a minijack like the one you see connected to the PS4 DualShock in the upper opening image. With the, we can communicate with our friends while we hit GTA Online, or receive calls as if it were a handsfree.

Those codecs that we mentioned before are perfect for different use situations. For example, him aptX HD is ideal for enjoying music while aptX Low Latency is focused on offering very good lag-free sound quality, making it ideal for movies and video games since it has a latency of just 40 milliseconds.

Wireless audio for Nintendo Switch.

It has to be said that This Creative Bluetooth 5.1 Sound Key has a USB-C connector so in the case of PS4 we will need a standard USB-A adapter to connect it without problems in the front ports. Now, in the case of Nintendo Switch, this BT-W3 becomes an essential accessory because the Japanese console does not have this type of connectivity as standard to listen to everything that happens during the game with wireless helmets. This Creative BT-W3 is now available to buy on the manufacturer's website, and in authorized distributors, at a price of € 39.99.


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