Creative Stage V2, the perfect home cinema for watching movies and playing games with the console

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Creative is one of the companies that most agitates the audio market in the field of our homes and has an advantage that many competitors cannot match: the ease with which you can meet the needs of users who not only want the best sound in movies and series, but do not stop obtaining that same quality when they are at the controls of your favorite console.

New Creative Stage V2.

And if there is a brand in the world linked to audio in video games, that is Creative Labs., From its mythical beginnings with SoundBlaster cards for PC, and ending with sound bars that, like this Creative Stage V2, they hit the market to significantly improve what was offered by the first generation. Changes that are not only perceived in the technologies it incorporates, but also in the design of the device itself.

Bigger cabinets, better sound

One of the most outstanding details of this Creative Stage V2 is that their soundboards are larger so they are able to obtain a much louder sound, clear and of better quality that, in its surround mode, is even more spectacular. This is so thanks to its Surround system, which we can use indistinctly with compatible movies and series, as well as with video games, especially with machines that offer this type of immersive experiences.

New Creative Stage V2.

The system has two mid-range drivers and a subwoofer that prints all the power to the whole, which enables home cinema to reproduce a full range of sounds with remarkably clear and powerful bass. These Creative Stage V2 come with all kinds of connections: from ARC TV to optical input, without forgetting the traditional auxiliary connector or bluetooth. In addition, they offer the possibility of streaming via USB so we can connect them to all kinds of sources such as smartphones, tablets, televisions, computers and, of course, consoles.

Creative Stage V2 remote control.

The whole set also has a useful remote control with which we can control practically all the configuration functions and selection of home cinema tickets, to go from one place to another depending on what we want to do at all times. And it does not matter if we plan to play some games at Fortnite, such as watching a series or a movie on a streaming platform. These new Creative Stage V2 already They are available to buy in our country, through the manufacturer’s website, at a price of 109.99 euros.


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