Critical organizations suffer a greater number of cyberattacks during the pandemic

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As a result of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, many companies have changed their work methodology. All this to continue offering its services and products without stopping its operations. However, this unexpected blow has caused an accelerated transition from services to the cloud, leaving certain vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious people. This is pointed out by a recent research.

In fact, the report indicates that moving “workloads” to the cloud has been a struggle for companies, which have had to deal with the administration and automation of the security of their systems. This has caused security breaches that cybercriminals have been able to exploit and profit from.

Manufacturing industries and government organizations have been hit the hardest

The pandemic is known to give prominence to many areas. Beyond the healthcare sector, retail, manufacturing, and government organizations have been key in tackling COVID-19. Either offering medicines, vaccines … information on the safety measures to take and even support for those affected.

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It is precisely for this reason that they have become the focus of cybercrime. In the case of retail entities, attacks increased 402%, while manufacturing and government organizations experienced 230% and 205%, respectively. In this regard, Unit 42 points out:

“This trend is not surprising; These same industries are among those facing the greatest pressures to adapt and scale in the face of the pandemic: retailers for basic needs and manufacturing and government for supplies and COVID-19 relief … Although the cloud allows companies to rapidly expand their capabilities in remote work, automated security controls around DevOps, and continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI / CD) pipelines often lag behind this rapid movement. “

Similarly, the report has also revealed that 30% of companies filter private content online, which causes vulnerabilities in the services they have hosted in the cloud. In these cases, the recommendations are clear. Organizations must ensure their workloads, storage, and meet security standards.

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