Customize your Samsung keyboard to infinity with the new Good Lock module: Keys Cafe

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Customize your Samsung keyboard to infinity with the new Good Lock module: Keys Cafe

Samsung has just added one of the most impressive modules to its Good Lock personalization roster: with Keys Cafe you can get the keyboard of your Samsung Galaxy get the look and feel you want. Adapt the size of each key, change the colors, customize the characters and much more.

International users of Samsung Galaxy have a week of congratulations since the brand finally decided to take your Good Lock app to countries like Spain. After years of being exclusive to Korea or the United States, the app modules arrived to officially change phones in thousands of different ways. And the newcomer broadens the horizons even more in the keyboard environment: you can’t imagine what you can do with Keys Cafe.

The Samsung keyboard like you’ve never seen it before

Samsung Keys Cafe keyboard

Keys Cafe is a module that is downloaded and launched from the Good Lock application. This is in the Galaxy Store, so before customizing your keyboard, you must install the module manager. And if you already had Good Lock, and Keys Café does not appear (it is found in the ‘Family’ tab), try uninstalling it to download it again. This is what has happened to us.

The module allows you to customize the keyboard in two ways: the actual keyboard layout and behavior. With these two ways of adapting the key template, it is possible to build a keyboard to anyone’s taste, no matter how extravagant they may be. Because here’s the key: Keys Cafe allows for just about any key-related craziness. What do you want the characters to light up in one color when pressed? You may. Make the keys you use the most gigantic? Also, there is almost no limit.

Samsung Keys Cafe keyboard

Make your own keyboard‘allows you to build the keyboard shape as needed. Samsung lets you modify the usual keyboard and also the one dedicated to special characters: just click on the ‘+’ and configure your own. Change the characters to select others, enter phrases to create macros, adapt the margin or size … Once finished you will have the keyboard you need.

Style your own keyboard‘allows you to modify the appearance and behavior. Different colors for the keys, color effects when pressed, animations and other options capable of turning the keyboard into a disco, Keys Cafe is impressive. Although yes, it has the difficulty of the high number of options: controlling customizations takes time.

Keys Café is now available on Samsung Good Lock: update your application and the new module will appear. It is in English, although the language does not involve much difficulty. And it even has games to test the keyboard, an extra that complements its excellent level of customization.

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