Deep Nostalgia, the technology that brings old photos to life

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Artificial Intelligence has been fulfilling very interesting functions when it comes to the graphic area. Previously we have talked about services capable of repairing old photos and even deleting items. But, the one that we will present to you next goes one step further, with the possibility of bringing those old photos to life.

It is an Artificial Intelligence developed on the My Heritage website that has managed to animate old photos, giving them movements and gestures. Its name is Deep Nostalgia.

Bring your old photos to life

In every home there are old photo albums with pictures of our ancestors. At this point, Artificial Intelligence has supported us with the possibility of restoring the photos, removing the deterioration of time. However, from My Heritage they have created Deep Nostalgia precisely to move this feeling in us. The idea is that we can see those loved ones and ancestors again, brought to life by their old photos.

The work of this Artificial Intelligence goes through the analysis of the uploaded photo in order to generate the animation to provide it with gestures and movements. We can do all this for free, just by registering on the My Heritage website.

The process to bring those old photos to life is pretty simple. Once you have created your account, find the photo and drag it to the demarcated area. Then, the site will begin to process the image and after a few seconds you will have your video ready with the option to download it.

The results are great and surprising, the movements and gestures are natural and fluid. My Heritage is a website that seeks to connect us with our family history. In that sense, they have brought this new tool with the purpose of targeting nostalgia, bringing old photos of our loved ones to life.

To prove it, follow this link.


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