Do you have a technology startup? Here are two ways to get money

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Brian Adam
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Going after private investors and accelerators is not an easy task, but many times there are other paths that can be followed to obtain the capital necessary for the growth or implantation of an idea.

If you have a Startup in the world of technology, there are two initiatives that are open at the moment and that you cannot miss:

EIT Digital Challenge 2021: This is a popular contest for European deep technology companies (Deep Tech). Until May 10 they are receiving applications at from fast-growing startups with existing customers (scaleups).

Anyone focusing on Digital Technology, Digital Cities, Digital Industry, Digital Wellbeing and Digital Finance will be able to do so.

We are talking about 250,000 euros in prizes for the best three, both in cash and in kind, although 20 companies will select from all the candidates to participate in an event in autumn.

AI4EU Initiative: This is a project that was born two years ago with 20 million euros. Now they have opened the “Call for Solutions” call, where they will select 41 solution owners to develop, test and validate technical solutions focused on Artificial Intelligence.

You can get up to € 70,000 if you submit your idea before April 29, 2021 at

Startups, SMEs, large companies, organizations … all with the aim of creating a complete ecosystem to solve public problems of Artificial Intelligence will be able to participate.

The idea of ​​AI4EU is to solve various problems in the industrial and commercial sector, such as improving clinical AI workflows, creating a throat swab robot based on Artificial Intelligence, identifying risk factors for colon cancer and many others.

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