Do you use Discord? Try these alternatives for VoIP calls

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Alternatives to Discord

If you are a regular of online video games, surely you use or know Discord. And if you do not know what it is, we will explain it to you so that you can take advantage of its advantages when playing with your friends online, with strangers, or just to hang out. Many of the streamers that broadcast their games through different platforms use Discord, so its use is quite popular and grows every time one of these references with many followers talks about it. But it is not the only application that will offer us this type of services, there are many alternatives to Discord so you can choose which one is best for you.

If you play video games online with friends or strangers, you will surely want, at the same time as you play, to talk to them to define strategies, warn of dangers or simply increase the fun. This type of platforms allows you to connect with other users and talk at the same time that you are playing, one step further to socialize through video games.

What is Discord

Discord is a VoIP application (Voice over IP, in Spanish Voice over internet protocol) that what it will allow is that we communicate by voice with other users of the application. Discord will allow us to create chat groups both on PC and mobile devices and we will be able to create text, voice or video chats. In other words, a very complete and completely free tool that will allow us to socialize and improve our games.

Its use does not have to be exclusive to gamers, it can be used without further ado by groups of friends, family or even work, But it has been the use of this platform by video game communities that have made it known worldwide and has favoured its expansion. For these groups of players, it is a very useful tool, which allows you to be playing a game while through Discord they are connected by voice.

Alternatives to Discord and uses

On Discord we have the option to create servers and, within them, different channels. This is one of the advantages of Discord, which supports both public groups, with open access for any user, and private groups, if you want to create one only with your friends and to which no external party has access. Another advantage of Discord and for which it has gained fame among video game communities is that it uses low latency voice calls, so it will not interfere just with our connection, which we will be using for online gaming in question.


Alternatives to Discord

Now that we know what services Discord offers, we are going to offer a series of alternatives. Other applications and platforms that offer functionalities similar to those of Discord, although with different characteristics, so you can choose which one is best for you for the use you want to give it.


Mumble is a totally free open-source voice over IP service that you can use if Discord doesn’t convince you. It is available cross-platform and you can use it on Windows, Linux or Mac. It requires little bandwidth, so could be a good choice For people who are used to using this type of tool, since its interface and configuration can be difficult for a beginner.

Your communications are always encrypted, has a list of public servants and some overlapping functionalities in some games, like who is talking at all times. Its audio quality is quite high, it has low latency and it is one of the best alternatives to Discord if you want a platform to connect with your friends and play video games.



We all know Skype, it is one of the most used tools to make group video calls and it can also be an alternative to Discord. It is integrated in Windows and Xbox, so it can be a good option to communicate with other users if you use these platforms. It has a disadvantage and it is its data consumption, which could interfere with our needs for, in addition to using Skype, play online at the same time.

One of the advantages of Skype is that it can host video calls up to 25 people, while in Discord the limit is 10. It is true that it is not the main feature of Discord, but here it is below the competitor if we are thinking of a conference massive.


The tool is more classic to connect gamers, who has found his toughest opponent in Discord. TeamSpeak is a voice chat With which you can talk to your friends while you play and that has a higher audio quality than Discord, which is why some companies use it for their internal communications. As it is a tool that already has a few years, its interface is not as beautiful as Discord’s and it has some other drawbacks that have made it lose the game with its competitor.

For example, in TeamSpeak you need a dedicated server to exist on one of the computers in the group, while the ease of creating communities in Discord is greater, as well as its appearance is more attractive. TeamSpeak users reproach Discord for privacy levels and continue to use the classic platform, arguing that they do not need all the extras that their competitor offers beyond voice chat to play in a group.


We all know the popular Google application for chatting and its use is widespread to make group video calls, with a limit of ten people and is one of the best alternatives to Discord for gamers but also for family or work video calls. In its favour, it has full integration on YouTube, so if we want to broadcast live through Google’s video platform, it can be a great choice. It is free and its great point in favour is the simplicity of its use. In addition, to use your voice chat to play online With our friends, it can be a great option for streamers who want to broadcast live a game and the reactions to it from their group of friends.

google hangouts


Focused on more professional use, Slack is an application that we can access from our mobile devices and also from its web client to transform our computer into an office without leaving home. In the Slack rooms, We will be able to create different channels to, for example, gather all our staff in a room but then give access to the different channels according to the work that each one performs.

Slack offers text chat and its option to make calls and video calls It is very limited, so it loses advantage over Discord if what we want is to create audio-only channels (in Slack you cannot) or to bring together several people in the same call. More focused on professional matters, can not stand the comparison with Discord in the field of video games.

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Riot is a multiplatform application that we will find both on PC and mobile devices and that allows us to create groups to communicate with several users at the same time, both by text chat and by voice and video. One of the best alternatives to Discord whether we are going to play or not. Once it is configured and we are in the group, we can join without limitation of members, as well as share files. Your messages are end-to-end encrypted and it is one of the services recommended by users concerned about security. Riot is based on the Matrix protocol and is open source, while Discord is not. It can be an alternative if you are willing to try it and discover all its features.

Riot - Alternatives to Discord