Donald Trump imitated for the second time

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Donald Trump is the first American president to be twice impersonated. Trump will now be tried in the Senate, where he will need two-thirds to stand for conviction.

A majority in the United States House of Representatives voted in the afternoon that President Donald Trump would be impersonated for the second time, the first uan actress on America for whom such a thing happened.

232 voted in favor of his imitation and 197 were against.

Trump will now be tried in the Senate, where he will need two-thirds to stand for conviction.

Last time he was impeached in House of Representatives not a single republican supported the effort, but ten of them voted in favor of his imitation this time.

One reason attributed Trump – “inciting rebellion”.

“President Trump has put the United States and its government institutions at great risk,” the four-page impeachment bill said.

It was said that leaving him in office would be a threat to national security, democracy and the constitution.

During the afternoon debate on the imitation articles, House Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi said there was no choice but to impersonate Trump.

“It simply came to our notice then. It is always a great danger to the nation we all love, ”says Nancy Pelosi.

However, Trump is unlikely to be ousted before January 20, when Joe Biden is inaugurated.

The Senate vote on Trump’s conviction is expected to take place later.

Conviction in the Senate could prevent him from standing for re-election but he may try to do so even if he is not convicted.

Trump has been accused of inciting his supporters to raid the Capitol last week.

Although some Republicans voted in favor of his impeachment tonight, many party representatives said that such a move could foster greater division in the country.

Donald Trump himself has defended the provocative speech he gave in Washington ahead of the raid on the Capitol. He said the attempt to imitate him was “provoking a great deal of anger”. There was nothing inappropriate at all about his speech, he said.

One of Trump’s loyalists, Ohio representative Jim Jordan, said Democrats were putting the flame in the bar because of their hatred of Trump.

But Liz Cheney of Wyoming, the third most senior Republican in the House, said “no treason has ever been seen by any President of the United States”.

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