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YouTube is already the second most used social network in the world, and has more than 2.2 billion users who spend more than 10 hours on average per month consuming hundreds of videos. Many of them not only want to access the videos when they have an Internet connection, but also would like to be able to download them and watch them quietly on their computer or any other device without any problem, anywhere and at any time, and even listen to their audio only if it is songs or talks.

If you are also one of those you want download MP3 from YouTube all the videos you want, easily and simply, either because you want to watch them later or simply because you want to keep them because they are the video clips of your favorite artists or a tutorial that you would like to keep forever, don’t worry. Whatever the motivation you have for wanting to keep YouTube content, we are going to tell you the fastest way to do it and without much effort.

Also, for free, which is also important. For us the best tool Youtube mp3 It’s Snappea, a fairly easy-to-use web application that we’ve been testing for the past few months. That is why we are going to recommend it, because we have not found another like it.

You can use Snappea online from its own website, which will help you convert to MP3 from YouTube on PC computers and computers with iOS operating system. If you want to do it from Android you can also, although it has a specific app for this that we will tell you in another article. In this one, we are going to focus on the online version of Snappea, because you will not find one that is easier to use and that is more intuitive.

If you want to download online videos from YouTube, all you have to do is go to the Snappea website. When you do this, you will quickly see a search box, a bar where you have to find the link of the video from which you want to obtain the MP3 audio.

This is Snappea

It’s that simple. First go to YouTube, locate the video or song whose audio you want to extract and directly copy its URL (you can easily do it from your web browser, at the top, where the video address is shown). When you have it, all you have to do is access the online version of Snappea and paste the link into the search bar. You will easily identify it, because it is displayed in the middle of the screen, it has no loss. Once you have copied the link, just click on the icon identified with a magnifying glass.

By doing this, Snappea will locate the video you are trying to download and provide you with various options. If you want to download this content in MP3, all you have to do is download the option that says “MP3”. That’s it, it couldn’t be easier to download from YouTube in MP3 with the online version of Snappea.

Snappea Download Options

There are many advantages to using the online version of Snappea. And it is that in addition to converting to MP3, you can also download in other formats such as MP4, to keep your videos whenever you want.

On the other hand, there are other additional benefits. For example, it is not necessary to register in Snappea to download, you just have to go to their website and paste the video link to download the MP3. So you will not have to be giving personal or accessing your user account … it is much simpler than all that.

In addition, you can download as many videos as you want, and this is also important. There is no limit to how many downloads you can do, so you can use the online version of Snappea whenever you want. What to wait? Download YouTube videos in MP3 now and listen to them whenever you want.


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