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whatsapp stickers vaccines

WhatsApp takes years with the possibility of send and receive stickers. However, the option to share the packs is a real torment, where we cannot send a link to someone, nor can that person download an entire pack just by sending a sticker that belongs to him as it happens in Telegram. Therefore, the app now has a new function that will allow share them more easily.

The function, called «Deep Links for Sticker Packs«, Is nothing more than the possibility of sharing a pack of stickers using a link. This feature is available from today along with the launch of the pack Vaccines for All for iOS and Android.

Deep Links: links for WhatsApp sticker packs

Curiously, this pack of stickers was not available at the time of launch in the WhatsApp Stickers store. Instead, it was only possible to access through a special URL called “deep link”, which is nothing more than a direct access to open WhatsApp and that directly takes us to the pack of stickers to see and add it.

To test it, we just have to go to the link from our mobile, and we will see how the entire pack is opened and it will give us the option to add it to the application.

With these links there is also the advantage of being able to download regional packs. Until now, we could only download the official stickers of our region or country from the official WhatsApp store, despite the fact that other different stickers appear in other countries. For example, a pack from the United States has the text in English on some stickers, while, in its version for Spain, the text is adapted to our language.

Some stickers from other countries that you can already add

Thus, we have, for example, the option of adding the following six sticker packs, where the first two are from Mexico and the next six are from Indonesia. The last one is a regional pack related to companies to indicate if there is something closed, open, etc.

  • Malvibrosio & Deledina
  • Pictomigos
  • Cece Cenderawasih
  • Hantuku
  • Poci The Bolster Spirit
  • Simbok Dan Jajanan Pass
  • Lebaran Unyu
  • Cricket Matchup
  • Open for Business

During the confinement, WhatsApp also took out a pack together with the WHO (the same as the vaccines), called Together at Home. This pack has been receiving new stickers in recent months, and now we can also add the international version and its adaptations to other countries such as France, Italy, Germany or Portugal.

  • Together at home (general)
  • Together at home (Spanish)
  • Together at home (French)
  • Together at home (Italian)
  • Together at home (Portuguese)
  • Together at home (German)
  • Together at home (Turkish)
  • Together at home (Indonesian)
  • Together at home (Arabic)

In short, with this novelty it will be easier share and add stickers in the application, although at the moment we do not know if it will also come for the personalized WhatsApp sticker packs created by users. In the presentation of the pack of stickers, WhatsApp has also announced that they have eliminated the charges that apply for sending messages through the WhatsApp Business API.

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