Drones: compulsory license postponed for recreational use: that’s when

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Drones, ENAC: compulsory license postponed for recreational use: that's when

If you are among those who have drones for recreational use, the news that comes from ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority) may interest you. In fact, for the moment the issue of the compulsory license has been put on “suspension”.

More precisely, as you can read on the official ENAC website, it was “suspended until 1 September 2020 the requirement of art. 21 c.1 of the ENAC Regulation ‘Remotely Piloted Air Vehicles’“Put simply, until that day it will not be mandatory to have a pilot certificate for those who drive a drone for recreational purposes with a weight of up to 25kg. Apparently, this postponement seems to have become necessary following a cyber attack.

However, there are no extensions for those who use professional drones. In short, one is made a distinction between recreational and professional use. In any case, it is important that all those who use drones are informed about the latest news from ENAC. For this reason, we advise you to jump on occasionally Official Twitter profile of the National Civil Aviation Authority.

For the rest, if you are interested in this world but have never studied it in-depth, we advise you to take a look at our card dedicated to drones, where you can find various articles that may interest you.

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