Dublin has been crowned as one of the top five best travel destinations in the world.

The capital won six awards – which put it in third place behind Rome.

Additionally Dublin won a total of 23 awards in the last five years, making it the fifth best city for travel in Europe.

And it’s not just tourists who love travelling to the capital as it was named the number one city in Europe for business trips, winning seven awards, research from LoveHolidays.com reveals.

Known for its exciting and vibrant nightlife, Dublin also ranked in the top six best destinations for entertainment at number five behind Las Vegas.

The research examined nearly 3,000 destination-awards won over the last five years (2015-2019) in the following categories: travel, hospitality, destination, business, entertainment and conservation, to determine the most award-winning cities and countries in the world. 

Top 10 best cities for travel in Europe

City No. of awards
London 29
Paris 29
Antalya 26
Lisbon 25
Dublin 23
Istanbul 16
Venice 15
Rome 13
Barcelona 10
Amsterdam 9

In 2019 alone, Dublin won the following awards:

  • Europe’s Leading Tourist Attraction 2019  – The Irish Emigration Museum (EPIC)
  • Restaurant Bar and Design Awards/International Category Winners  – The Vaults Parlour
  • Best European Destination for Groups  – Ireland

Best cities in Europe for business travel

In 2019, the Convention Centre Dublin won the  Europe’s Leading Meetings & Conference Centre 2019  award presented by the World Travel Awards body. The same convention centre was also awarded the price for  Best Overseas Conference Centre  by M&IT Awards.

City No. of awards
Dublin 7
Venice 5
Lisbon 4
Barcelona 4

Top 5 cities awarded for best destination and entertainment

Best destination

City No. of awards
Dubai 17
Rome 8
Dublin 6
Athens 5
St. Petersburg 5
  • Dublin won  Favourite Worldwide City  two years in a row (2015 and 2016)
  • Between 2017 and 2019, Dublin also won  Best European Destination for Groups  


City No. of awards
Paris 7
Antalya 7
Porto 4
Las Vegas 4
Dublin 3
Munich 2