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WordPress is possibly the best-known content manager, and it allows us to create our website or our blog, maintain and personalize it, both for our own use and for setting up an online business thanks to its different characteristics and possibilities. It will help us to make a personal blog, an online store, an information website … And it does it in a simple way so that anyone, with little knowledge, can open their own website without problems. There are many alternatives to WordPress if you want to try tools, access all kinds of functions or if you want to have a perfect finish even if you have no idea of ​​web design or programming. We show you some of the best.


If you have ever used WordPress, you will know that it has some tools called plugins cWith which to add more functionalities to your offer, which makes the service, possibly, the best option to create a blog quickly and easily. But WordPress is not the only option that we will have if we decide to open our own page and we do not know how to do it nor do we have knowledge for it. There are other alternatives to WordPress with options more focused on the company, if we look for different options such as a portfolio away from the blog convincesl or if, simply, we have tried WordPress and it does not convince us. They are tools that, in a simple way and for all users, will allow us to open a website to post our content, be it a personal website or if you want to start having your own online store and you don’t even know where to start.


Wix is ​​a simple website and for anyone who does not have any knowledge of web design. It is one of the best alternatives to WordPress for beginners if you want add elements to the page in a simple way and it will be more or less than creating a collage. In addition, there are templates from which you can choose to create your website, whether it be something personal or professional. The result seule to be very striking so it is ideal if you want to make your personal website with your porftolio, for example, if you want to show photographs or if you want to show a professional catalog of something you do. Another advantage is that you can create it for free.

Once you sign up for Wix you can choose a template manually or answer some questions to answer for you. Click on “Choose a template” and you can choose by categories: music, photography, design, video, online store, business … Keep in mind that when you choose it you will not be able to change. Once you have it, you can change all the elements, the photographs, the letters, etc.



Joomla is one of the best alternatives to WordPress if you know how to handle yourself well with this type of tools. If you have no idea, better bet on another. Joomla is a much more complicated system than WordPress although if you have interest and a minimum of knowledge you can use and master it in a short time. It is usually used regularly for shops and has many interesting security options that make it an excellent choice. It is a system with thousands of free templates that you can use to design it and it is a very stable system with a large number of advantages. Many of the websites you use day after day are created with Joomla and, according to your own data, there are more than two million active sites.

Another advantage of Joomla is that it is free open source software It is available in 70 translation packages so you can use the language you want and make a multilingual website if it is what you need.

Joomla website


Weebly is an editor to create a web page and with a very simple operation in which you will basically have to drag and drop the different options on the design. You can choose one of the templates available on Weebly and you will have an attractive and customizable design even if you do not know how to design. Another advantage is that it is one of the best alternatives to WordPress. to create an online store Because it not only offers you design and customization options but a platform with all kinds of tools for order tracking, to personalize the store, to manage inventory and even to manage marketing through email. It also has SEO tools and application options for iOS and Android that will allow you to control everything from any device without complications.

You can use Weebly to test it with a free account and to know how to create a website or choose the design, but if you want to continue, it is advisable to pay for it to have a domain and all the available functions.



Shopify is a web page exclusively designed to create an online store, As its name indicates. It is designed for all those who do not look for complications and is one of the best alternatives to WordPress if you want something simple, comfortable, not worrying and having a quick design for your website without the need to complicate yourself. It will allow you to have a business name, a domain and a web page and seeks to provide you with all the necessary tools to manage online purchases from the same site. The advantage as an alternative to WordPress is that it already includes the tools you may need and that allows you all kinds of extra functions such as statistics, shipping management, etc.

Obviously, it is not a good option if you are looking to create a website or a blog. You should keep in mind that it is a tool to create online stores and with many specific tools beyond uploading your photos or preparing orders.



SquareSpace is one of the best alternatives to WordPress if you are not specifically looking for an online store but to create a website for any other field, but also You will find templates for eshop. In this case we can access a wide range of templates by categories: art and design, creative services, fashion and beauty, health and wellness, home, music, photography, entertainment and media … Once you choose the category you need, you can choose the template you want. One of the main advantages of SquareSpace is that they are templates modern, current, attractive and very clean. When you have already decided you can modify it and place what you want: text, images, functions, elements.

In this case, we can test the service for free for 14 days although after that trial period where you can test how it is going, you will have to pay. There are different packages with different price options and all of them include the possibility of having a domain, for example. You can choose between versions for personal use or versions for business.

SquareSpace - Alternatives to WordPress


This alternative to WordPress is one of the most used for e-commerce, since it is designed to create an online store quickly and easily, with a lot of freedom to personalize and design your business website. Bigcommerce boasts of providing the fastest shopping experience for users, with speed as one of its strengths. It also shows its strength with SEO tools, to obtain more traffic with this route thanks to the fact that it allows customizable and SEO-compatible URLS, and metadata editing. Some aid for the company be better positioned and thus get more visits and our sales are better.

Bigcommerce allows payment with multiple digital options, such as Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal One Touch, so that users of our website can take advantage of these payment facilities. One of the recent novelties of Bigcommerce is that it allows integration with WordPress thanks to its plugin, with which you have access to the multiple customization options that it allows, but still using WordPress.



In Webnode we are going to be able to create a web page even if we have little knowledge, for free and in a few minutes. Webnode allows you to create both a personal and a business website, with simple steps and for all audiences. It allows a wide range of personalization and its integration with the mobile phone is complete, so that the blog or the online store that we create looks just as good on a desktop PC as on a smartphone. It has a catalog of customizable templates, so that the user can choose the one that best suits them but with the option of editing it later and leaving it entirely to their liking.

Bill with different premium packages, depending on the plan that we want to pay and the services to contract. Its Limited package allows you to manage, using your own domain, various features such as form editing or web statistics for 2.95 euros per month. For 4.95 euros per month, the Mini package includes a year of free domain, 500 MB of storage, 3 GB of traffic and an own email account. Going up we find two more business options, with the Standard package at 9.95 euros per month, with 20 email accounts, the possibility of creating an online store, user registration, backup … And finally the Professional offer, for 16.95 euros per month , which includes all the functionalities in an unlimited way and up to 100 email accounts.

Webnode - Alternatives to WordPress


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