Easily customize your widgets in macOS Big Sur

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With the arrival of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, widgets were revamped and can now be included on the home screen (iOS only). For the iPad it is possible to have them in a sidebar, which is included in the home screen, but without the possibility of including them within the apps. And the Mac? It is possible to use macOS Big Sur widgets but today we teach you in this tutorial how to make them more useful and interesting (visually speaking).

Use macOS Big Sur widgets in the best possible way

The goal of including the new iOS and iPadOS 14 widgets in macOS Big Sur is to be useful as it happens on an iPhone or iPad. They are visually appealing and have been redesigned both natively and for third-party apps. The latter depends on each developer.

In macOS Big Sur, the widgets are located in the Notification Center, that panel that is on the side of the screen. You can click on the date and time in the menu bar, or if you have a trackpad, swipe with two fingers from right to left.

In addition to having the widgets, you will be able to find all the notifications that occurred on your Mac. The notifications will be grouped together, as has been a custom for some years. The widgets will be predetermined by Apple but it is possible to change their order. You can add, move, delete and resize all the widgets that are in the Notification Center. How? Go for it.

Customize macOS Big Sur widgets to your liking

If you don’t like the initial default order that macOS Big Sur handles you can change it in a few clicks

  • Open the Notification Center
  • Click and drag the widget that you want to change the order to the place where you prefer.
  • At the bottom is the Edit button in case you want to try another alternative. Confirm that the new order of appearance is correct in Done.

Add new widgets to Notification Center

  • Again, open the Notification Center
  • At the bottom click on Edit
  • On the left page select the widget corresponding to the app you want. If you have a long list, we suggest you use the search box.
  • Once located, click on the green + or click right in the center of the widget to add it to the notification center.
  • Order the widget in the place of your preference. When you’re done, click Done.

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