Edge already allows you to validate digitally signed documents: these are the steps you must follow to activate this option

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Little by little Edge continues to gain in functionality and the latest improvement that reaches the Microsoft browser can now be tested through the Canary Channel, the most advanced when it comes to testing the new features that will later reach the stable version Edge.

In this case, Microsoft has added an interesting function, such as verify the signature on a digitally signed document. An option that is available in Edge as of version 85.0.562.0 of the browser and that only needs to be activated to be able to use it.

Steps to follow

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For activating digital signature verification In Edge, you have to resort to the “flags” menu of Edge that offers access to more or less experimental functions. For what they don’t know how to access it is as easy as typing “ede: // flags” without the quotes in the browser’s navigation bar.

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A new menu opens with a search bar at the top. To speed up the process we can write “signature” and locate the section “Enable Digital Signature for PDF” (Enable digital signature for PDF).

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We check the “Enabled” box and we restart the browser for the changes to take effect.

Now just load any PDF into the Edge browser that contains a digital signature. In the upper part of the window, on the toolbar, We will see a new option called “Digital Signature” (“Digital Signature”) in which when pressing we will see some details of said signature.

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At the end we can see a section called properties, in which when pressing we will see details of the signature next to the message “This document is digitally signed …”. and at the end a box to “Validate the signature”.

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Thus, Edge in the Chromium-based version, gain functionality already present in Edge Legacy, an improvement that users who make intensive use of documents can benefit from.

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