Edge is already the third most used browser on computers, only behind Chrome and Safari

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Edge is already the third most used browser on computers, only behind Chrome and Safari

The good work of Microsoft with the new Edge based on Chromium is noted by the good reviews received from users, who now find themselves with a real alternative to Firefox and Chrome. But where doubts are not generated is when analyzing the numbers that it boasts.

And that is what we can see in a report prepared by the StatCounter company that places Microsoft Edge as the second most popular web browser after Chrome within the Windows ecosystem, which means that you have already outgrown Firefox, a tremendously established browser.

Getting ahead of Firefox

Edge 2

For some time now, Microsoft Edge has grown faster than Firefox and although that does not give it to defeat Chrome, it has made it easier to assault on the second drawer of the navigators podium used in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Statcounter Browser Ww Monthly 202003 202103

In this way we find Chrome, which continues to rule with an iron hand, sporting a 67.09% market share, followed by Safari, but yes, limited to computers with macOS with a 10.13% market share and both seconded by Edge, which achieves 8.04% market share.

Here it occupies the third step, but if we remove that Safari is exclusive to macOS, Edge is left with a worthy second place **. Behind, but very close, everything must be said, we find Firefox, with a 7.97% of the market and the far away Opera with 2.91% and Internet Explorer with 1.71%.

For these figures study focuses only on desktop versions of the different browsers. In the case of counting the adoption figures in the different platforms, Edge remains in a fourth place, very close to the third that Firefox occupies.

Statcounter Browser Ww Monthly 202003 202103 1

In this case we find a ranking again led by Chrome with 64.15%, followed by Safari with 19.05%, Firefox with 3.69% and Edge, with a 3.45% market share. Meritorious if we take into account that Chrome is pre-installed on Android phones and that Safari is the browser for iOS and iPadOS (although you can use another).

What’s more the inclusion of two new actors is striking such as Samsung’s Internet with a market share of 3.27%, which is demonstrated by the huge park of Samsung and Opera terminals, with 2.14%

Figures that speak of good work of Microsoft regarding your browser, so much so that in the short time it has been in the market, it already rivals a much more established browser such as Firefox.

Via | StatCounter

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