Electric vehicles that charge in 5 minutes could be very close to arriving

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In recent months we have seen technology companies interested in the automotive sector, and how can we not do it, if electric cars represent the future. On average, many of these vehicles charge in 5 hours, provided it is done with standard charging systems. However, recent reports indicate that electric cars charge in five minutes could be very close.

But how soon can these batteries arrive? Answering this question is not easy. However, we recently mentioned that the Israeli company StoreDot is working on a battery that charges in five minutes. Logically, this announcement caught the attention of many.

StoreDot has unveiled hyperfast charging batteries

In fact, the company “has produced more than 1,000 of its hyperfast charging batteries.” A situation that leads us to think that we are not far from this new charging system that can revolutionize the automotive sector.

StoreDot Battery Set

“We are not releasing a laboratory prototype, we are releasing engineering samples from a mass production line. This shows that it is feasible and commercially ready, “said Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot.

However, the price of these batteries is unknown. It is also not known how much it will influence the initial value of the vehicle to adapt to this new technology.

Fast chargers would have a high price

As we have been discussing, getting a car to charge in less than five minutes involves cutting-edge technology. In fact, the more power the more it costs to develop and install. Therefore, it is logical that we think that fast chargers would have a high price. For example, a DC fast charger can cost between $ 4,000 and $ 51,000. Expensive, right?

“Consider how much power you would need to pump into a battery pack for a 5 minute charge. It’s a lot, ”says battery expert Mark Ellis of Munro & Associates.

A car charging at Tesla charging station

Until now, Tesla is the leading company in the electric car charging system. This offers through the Silver T a battery that reaches 75 miles in five minutes. On the other hand, the manufacturer Porsche has the Taycan, which charges its battery from a 5% charge to 88% in 22 minutes. Both cars reach these values ​​with a suitable charger and in perfect condition.

Now, experts believe that these fast-charging batteries could see light within three years. It will be, right?

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