Elon Musk announces that his Tesla FSD will reach more drivers

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Tesla’s beta FSD (full self driving) program is being one of the longest and most thorough in memory because it is the one that will allow, when fully finished and tested, Elon Musk’s vehicles are capable of driving virtually alone on the roads, highways, streets and highways around the world. Or rather, the US for now.

This is so because, as you probably already know, the different legislations that govern the different legal spaces do not move at the same speed And while in North America it seems that everything points to an approval that allows the use of these technologies immediately, in others like Europe the matter is slowing down. So much so that we will see if in the end it will be possible to enjoy this FSD as it has been conceived by Tesla itself.

The beta program multiplies

Thus, Elon Musk has gone out to the media to announce that FSD’s beta program will grow in the coming days as it will allow new owners to download the version of the software that allows the car to circulate practically alone under any circumstance. In recent months we have been informing you in detail of the new features that have been included and that have had to do with an improvement in the recognition of signs, traffic lights and potential obstacles that may appear while driving through the interior of cities.

Availability varies by region due to regulatory approval delays and / or Tesla internal development & testing. Note: word “Beta” is used to reduce complacency in usage & set expectations appropriately. All software is first tested internally by Tesla simulation & QA drive teams.

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 6, 2021

For now, Elon Musk has asked those who want to test this FSD that let the company know as they will increase the number of testers of version 8.2 and that when 8.3 arrives, that amount will be multiplied by ten: “If you want to download the full beta version of Tesla autonomous driving in your car, please let us know. We will double the size of the beta program now with [la versión] 8.2 and probably 10 times more with 8.3. […] Due to the high levels of demand for FSD Beta, we will add the button “Download Beta” in the section ‘Service’ of the car screen in [aproximadamente] 10 days”.

As before we warned you, Legislation will have a lot to say about the areas in which homeowners can receive this update as, according to the CEO of Tesla, “varies by region due to delays in regulatory approval and / or internal Tesla development and testing. NOTE: The word ‘Beta’ is used to reduce complacency in use and set expectations properly. All software is first tested internally by Tesla’s simulation and quality control teams. “


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