Engineers develop Star Wars’ laser sword

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The light saber used in the Star Wars movie is actually made.  Photo: Al-Bauba website

Victoria, Canada: A famous YouTuber and engineer has developed the famous sword ‘Light Saber’ used in the Star Wars movie. In the film, this sword lengthens at the push of a button and its bright end turns into a full-fledged sword. It can be turned off when the time comes.

Now Canadian engineer James Hobson has built the world’s first light saber. His YouTube channel, The Hack Smith, seeks to turn the inventions of science fiction films into reality, with a whole team of experts working on them. That is why they have more than one crore subscribers.

The light saber has a plasma version with a tank on the back filled with propane gas. This gas produces a plasma flame that grows into a sword. But its temperature is very high, about 4000 degrees Celsius.

It has been dubbed the world’s first spreading light saber that works just like the sword of Star Wars. That is, it gets bigger as soon as you press the button. But it requires a cylinder of flammable gas. The full details are revealed in a video.

Plasma is the best choice for this sword, said James Hobson. The video of its preparation is also very interesting which has been watched by one crore people. However, an electromagnetic system has also been developed to shape it into a sword, which molds the plasma into a special shape.

When this light saber was completed, it was related to sight and a successful attempt has been made to cut the iron door. But handling this dangerous invention is not a child’s play because at such temperatures it can cause serious harm to humans. The team has not yet stated the cost as the sword nozzle alone has been manufactured at a cost of 4 4,000.

However, it can be seen in the video that the sword looks very bright and clear which is a proof of the skill of this team.