ETTV, ExtraTorrent’s successor, changes domain by surprise

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ETTV is considered one of the best torrent download sites in the world. Actually, we are dealing with a series distribution group by the torrent that continued with the original project of ExtraTorrent when it closed 3 years ago. It has been offering torrent downloads in a domain for many months, but now it has just announced that they have to move due to force majeure. In fact, they have confirmed that many of their domains will no longer be operational by the end of this year. If you are one of its stalwarts, don’t miss the following information.

On May 17, 2017, ExtraTorrent closed, considered at the time as one of the leading torrent websites worldwide. In it, millions of people downloaded files, but it also served as the foundation for distribution groups and the capture of television series. Among them, ETTV, stands for ExtraTorrent TV.

These decided to continue with their activity despite the closure of the original portal, so they launched their own website. At first, the domain was For months the last few months, it has become a portal with many visits, although it has been changing its domain, something quite common in this segment.

Forced domain change for ETTV

Although users have not noticed problems, the truth is that there have been. The main provider of domains, hosting and portal servers have disappeared without a trace. The main ETTV administrator has not heard from them since last December and now they have had to make a decision to avoid a potential failure in the portal.

"ETTVTo maintain complete control of the portal and avoid surprises, the torrent website administrator has launched the domain Furthermore, it has confirmed that it will redirect all traffic from, but also that it will deactivate the .to, .tv, .be and .online domains at the end of the year. For that reason, all portal users should start using the new domain.

In addition, the portal may begin to display advertisements so that “Can pay” invoices for the new domain, hosting and servers. In addition, the current administration wants to find a person to continue his work at the front of the portal since he does not want to stay in this work indefinitely.

The main problem of a possible closure of this portal is that ETTV and ETHD bots supply lots of torrents to the rest of download websites. For that reason, if they end up closing after all these problems, surely it would show in the content available for download … at least for a while.